Sandra Lode

Christian Numrich



Christian Numrich (born 1976) began to work as a freelance artist during his long-running habitations in Tōkyō, Hongkong and Bangkok. The central topic of his works is the revelation of the hidden beauty of unrecognized fragments of an apparently profane whole thing. Darkness and minimalist sources of light make possible dusky insights into a reality which is not visible for our eyes. 
In the joint venture Parallelwelt – Stadt in der Stadt with Sandra Lode the photographer dealt with the opposites athmosphere - accomodation, functionality - aesthetics, light - shadow under different angles.  

In the exposition "Kunst im Stadthaus" which was developed in co-operation with Ricardo Veloso and Anja Noemi Stubbe, he displays works that deal with experimental portrait- and nude-photography. Although the works suggest post-processing, they are in fact matter of a special technique, drawing surreal pictures under usage of selective lighting effects.

The current exposition "Kunst hinter dem Fenster..., Fenster zur Kunst" in Walzmühle Ludwigshafen you can see architectural photos of Hongkong, Lissabon, Kyoto und Mannheim.