Sandra Lode

Christian Numrich



Sandra Lode (*1972 in Stuttgart) works and experiences with the medium photography and its possibilities of expressions since her studies at the free arts school of Stuttgart. Her special interest applies to the impression of light and shadow as well as inconvenient extracts of reality. Co-productions together with Christian Numrich the exposition Parallelwelt – Stadt in der Stadt amongst others since 2005.

Besides photography she is engaged in painting since several years, especially dealing with variable techniques and mediums like acrylic, chalk, monotypes or collages. Her paintings include a diversified spectrum from rather representational to the point of surreal, alienated or abstract productions.

The running exposition in town hall displays the photo-series „Spiegel-Bilder“. Natural pictures face industry- and city-views, which are not concerned with each other on the first gaze – sure?

Furthermore you can see six paintings in different techniques (acrylic-scraper-technique, gouache, watercolour with chalk). The paintings are mostly non-representational; their emphasis is the colour effect and the thereby created athmosphere.